Consulting and Analysis Services provided by our Solutions cover all the aspects of application development and management such as technology and product consulting, applications consulting, and process consulting. Under application consulting we offer formalization and systematization of software requirements, functional specifications development, analysis and enhancements plans development.

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We provide consultants in a support capacity to IS organizations and end-user business units on a time-and-material basis. Our consultants are highly competent with good attitude, aptitude and verbal skills and have a proven track record of technology expertise and experience. With our business model, we are able to provide services at highly competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Enterprise Solutions

Collecting and translating business requirements into an application or technology solution. The service enables its customers to deliver efficient and reliable custom software systems including core business applications and back-office IT solutions. Our Enterprise solutions provides customers with superior opportunities to optimize their in-house delivery operations.

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Why Choose Us?

Success comes to those who make it happen and not those who let it happen With the quality of our expectations determining the quality of our actions, We are also a strong proponent of the philosophy "Good enough never is". Global trends are shaping the business economy and like other industries, the banking sector has to constantly reinvent itself to make optimal use of current opportunities and be prepared to respond to tomorrow's challenges as well Vega Info-tech is a global Banking and Financial Services company offering Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing services to reputable banks and financial institutions who aspire to boost profitability by leveraging the right mix of technology and service innovation.

* Qualified & Experienced Resources
* Cost effective Solutions
* Quick troubleshooting
* Implementing Best software solutions.
* Maintaining Industry Standards

Our qualified Business and Technical Consultants will be available at your client work place and offer the professional services. This model helps our team to understand client requirements on priority basis and implement the solutions in effective way.
Under this model our exclusive onsite team to gather requirements on-site and coordinate with offshore team for Development and Integration. This model helps clients to implement various solutions simultaneously getting ready in offshore resources and implementing on-site.
Clients can be benefited with low cost with this method. The business requirements can be shared with our offshore professionals in business model and technical team can make a workable solution and delivery can be made to the clients directly. The client in house resources very well can follow the deployment plans and go live with cost effective solutions.


We VEGA Info tech deal focused on below industries. Our subject matter experts are available on the below sector of industries.

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The banking sector was always deemed to be one of the most vital sectors for the economy to be able to function.

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Anytime, anywhere. The advent of the internet has brought the customer expectation of real-time access to information about a product or service into the mainstream. In today’s fourth revolution this expectation has extended to the product or service itself and it defines the customer experience.

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IT audit is to evaluate the system's efficacy and security protocols, in particular, to evaluate the organization's ability to protect its information assets and properly dispense information to authorized parties.


VEGA Qualified Business & Technical resources undertakes projects and delivers in stipulated time.

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T24 Core Banking Services

Design | Development | Deployment | Delivery

T24 Implementation

VEGA do a complete end to end implementation. Involving right from assessment of requirements, make necessary environmental setup including hardware, software , network, storage etc., After environmental setup, configuring T24 as per business requirements and deliver to the clients. T24 modules fits the requirements of Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Islamic Banking, Treasury Operations and various financial reporting.

T24 Local Development - Interfaces

VEGA understands client requirements and implement the T24 Modules. However, the modules require customization as per the requirement. We follow the coding standards and change management procedure in implementation of various modules. Client needs various interfaces to be developed in-house for quick implementations. VEGA undertakes all kinds of interfaces starting from design, development integration with various systems and do seamless implementation.

T24 Releases: R14 R15 R16 R17

Operating Systems: UNIX, Sun Solaris, Windows, AIX

Database: DB2, Oracle, SQL

Browsers: T24 Browsers

Application Servers:Apache Tomcat, IBM Websphere, Weblogic, JBOSS

Middle ware: MQ, SOA

Interfaces:Reuters, ATM

Storage:Physical Servers, Virtual Machines, Cloud

Business Process:Process Work FLow, CRM

24X7 Banking:Non Stop Implementation

Interfaces Integration:OFS

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Local Development | Close of Business | Reports

T24 database may encounter with some issues in getting the optimum output. Our experts team can analyze the issues and identify the issues relating to hardware or software. After analysis of the issue the fix may be applied through revising the existing technical architecture or functional modificaitons in the existing flow.

Performance Tuning

Multi threading

HardWare Upgrade

COB Optimization

Purges & Archivals

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T24 Data Migrations

Data Migration from Legacy to T24

    Complete approach of Migration

    VEGA has handful experience in doing a complete cycle of migrating data from legacy system to T24. Migration including Static Data Migration, Financial Data Migration and reconciliation after post migration. We did migrating from various legacy core banking systems and also merging of data from another T24 system.

Source Extraction

Field Mapping

Data Posting

Comparison & Verificaiton

Financial Reconcilation

Data Migration Tools


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T24 Application Support

Live Support | Maintenance

T24 Application Support & Maintenance

VEGA got qualified functional and technical consultants which helps clients to run the daily operations smoothly. Our resources will take care of daily operational issues and fix them in effective way. We closely monitor the database health will make sure to run application without any performance issues. Our team also guides the T24 users to use the application through effective training.

Live Issues Fixing

Quality Application


Database Exports

In-house Development

T24 Updates

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T24 Upgrades

Upgrade | Enhancements | Testing | Implementation

VEGA take up all T24 upgrade projects from any release to the latest releases which are released by Temenos. The upgrade helps and facilitates clients to use the latest features available in the core banking system and also covers the fixes in the earlier releases. Also helps the clients to maintain the application in the latest technology as per market practices.

TAFC Upgrades

TAFC- TAFJ Conversions

DBMS/RDBMS Conversions

TAGS - TWS Upgrades

Our Expert Services

T24-Islamic Banking Implementation

T24 Islamic Banking implementation exclusively designed and developed as per sharia compliance. VEGA consultants are well knowledgeable resources in implementing islamic banking in effective short span of time.

TCIB-TCMB Implementation

VEGA implemented Temenos Connect for both internet banking and mobile banking. Our interface do quick implementation and integration with T24 and also with best authentication systems like RSA/ Fortress to secure the remote channel users and their transactions.

Project Management
Mile Stones | Achievements

VEGA Qualified Project managers helps clients to streamline various projects. Our PMP helps organizations to plan various projects and define proper project plan and execute well with high standards of coordination.

T24 Database Conversions

VEGA helps clients to come out of Traditional JBASE & UNIVRESE databases and move to latest releases of RDBMS. We do a complete assessment and suggest suitable environment. Quick Assessment, Quality Conversion and complete reporting helps clients to do safer conversion.

Infrastructure Assistance
Hardware | Software

VEGA professionals helps clients environment to keep upto date. Do a complete study of the infrastructure in terms of database, network, storage, Servers, Operating Systems. Complete report will be provided with suitable suggestions to save cost and effective environment.

T24 Testing & Training

Our Quality Control team helps clients to conduct functional, technical, integration, unit testings and stress testing. Educate clients to define various business cases. We also provide T24 technical & functional training to resources.

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